Submit to FOX’s New Stand-Up Comedy Show

Comedians, you’ve just been given a golden opportunity to have your work showcased on TV. Comedian Steve Hofstetter has been given TV show where he will host curated clips of stand-up comedians. The show will launch in several test markets on Saturdays at midnight, starting 8/2 and airing for 13 weeks.

Steve will be using this show as a “Stand-up Comedy News” type show to help give comedy fans an idea of what kind of work is going on around the country in the field of stand-up. Comics of all levels are invited to submit their professionally recorded clips for consideration.

This is a really great opportunity to have your work showcased on FOX, and help strength America’s perception of what stand-up comedy is today. If you are interested in submitting a clip for possible use, make sure it’s good quality, recorded at a club, and is FCC clean. The link for submissions is at

This is a legit show, and the industry announcement was made in Variety Magazine a few weeks ago, so this ain’t your local market “We’ll try to get you on public access” kind of deal. Steve Hofstetter is not only a phenomenal comedian himself, but he is one of the most industrious workers in the field today. He works hard to create opportunities for many other comics, and his success benefits everyone trying to make a career out of this.  Support this show, and Steve by connecting at:

Good luck guys.

Jamie Ward


About Jamie Ward
I am a comedian. At this point in my life I live comedy. I'm not all that funny, but it's all I think about every waking moment.

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